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Friday, May 1, 2009

Modern Warfare 2, Secrets behind the Teaser!

Who'd have thought a two-minute teaser trailer could reveal so much?

Yes, it's likely you'll be fighting on your own doorstep as the Russians try to turn the world against America. The high-rise buildings, electricity
wires and bus all suggest an urban, almost residential feel, but it's the shop advertising 'Sports' goods to the left of the bus that gives it all away.


It's a possibility. England is famous for its forts and castles, and the teaser definitely shows a tower of some sort, although the antenna behind it and the street lamps in front of it are a bit confusing. Britain's involvement ties in with the idea that the Russians are trying to turn countries against one another and start a global war.

Mile High Club
The bonus level in Modern Warfare ties in with the events in the teaser, and perhaps it may even make a comeback along with characters such as Soap and possibly Gaz depending on whether you believed he survived. The teaser shows the inside of a plane, a parachutist, and the remains of a plane cut in half.

Rio de janeiro, Brazil
Eagle eyes can pick out the open-armed Christ the Redeemer on a mountain-top, which overlooks Rio. As if you needed any confirmation, the buildings in the bottom-left hand corner of the second screen are typical of Brazil's or Ecuador's favelas. The narrow streets, sharp inclines and rooftop access in a typical favela should make for an swesome single-player and multiplayer map.

The arrow on the right appears to be part of the environment, leaving us with four perks to mull over. From left to right, the first is the old Stopping Power perk, which increases a bullet's damage by 40%. The next is a winged foot, which could mean either a speed boost, a jump boost or a modified Extreme Conditioning icon. The third may be a reworked Overkill icon, or a perk that combats a knife attack. The fourth perk is contentious, with suggestions ranging from a supply drop (most likely) to a revised Revive perk from World At War.

The Russian airport sign translates to 'Security Checkpoint'. Also, just after the sound of the bag unzipping, one man says in Russian: "God is with us". A second man then says: "Remember, no Russian". It's likely the Russians are trying to disguise their identities in order to blame the airport massacre on another country. The Russian voice at the end of the teaser quotes Lenin when he says: "A revolution is not possible without a revolutionary situation".

Plenty of clues for this one: there's the snowy map terrain along with a snowplough making tracks, a soldier who seems to be wearing mountaineering gear trying to ascend a rocky face, and a close-up view of the snowplough with a pine tree to the right of it. How do we know there's a mission set in Siberia though? The HD version of the trailer given to us by Activision was called Siberia. Simple, really.

There's little dialogue in the teaser, but the first thing we hear is a loudspeaker announcement in Japanese that sounds very similar to that which is used on the Japanese underground system.

The Ocean
The teaser is full of naval references suggesting the sequel will go way beyond Modern Warfare's heavily scripted sinking boat level. The two scuba divers mean there's a mission set underwater, perhaps tied in with the submarine that we see in another screen, or the wreckage of the aircraft that appears to be underwater. We'll probably get to play as Navy SEALs, perhaps storming that pictured oil rig after swimming underwater to it to remain undetected.


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