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Friday, May 1, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 game set might be on Brazil

The game might be on Brazil!
+according to ropumar one of the member on GameFaqs+

"I think is very likely to be in Brazil, Rio de janeiro. I would bet will be.

I am Brazilian and i can say the favelas and Christ the Redeemer are very similar to footage.

And there would even be great advantages of having on Brazil as will list:

1)Rio de janeiro is a very heterogeneous city with lots of land mark, and the chaotic feel adds to strategy and call of duty feel.

2) Representing Rio de Janeiro became a trend, with movies like Hulk and games like Tom clancy Hawx as example.

3) The market and publicity is good cause the Brazilian game market is bigger than appears and because adding Rio in a War game, that shows how poor/violent some areas are sure going to make some local politicians and "patriots" go nuts and angry which will generate publicity.

There is 2 movies that show Rio de Janeiro inner Favelas, and how violent and chaotic it can be. And how good for a shooter game it would be. If you interest on seeing these great movies check:

City of God (cidade de Deus) IMDB: 8.8 ( 17 out of the 250 IMDB bet movies)

Elite Squad (tropa de elite) IMDB: 8.0

This movies are so good i recomend it for anyone here. Foregins ACTION movies gettting 8.8 and 8.0 are very rare, and these movies are very fun and entertaining. GO see."

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