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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dox 185.68 Nvidia Driver Update!

Dox is back again with his latest optimized driver update!
General comments
Galdere has pulled my arm for this release and its finally ready. I've changed the way the nvidia control panel gets installed and it means that it should definitely install. The side effect to this means the driver package looks small but thats no bad thing. I've also fixed the nvcpl.dll startup error for vista/win 7 x 64 users and added support for desktop & mobile geforce gpus from 6 - GT200 series. The drivers and installer were also tested on win7 and no probs. Have a look at "Whats new" to see changes since 182.46. I have not adjusted many IQ/Perf settings from the original but only added settings to ensure performance. Again thanks for the testers with this release (u know who u are).
This may be my last XP release, not too sure yet, but I've no love for it anymore.

Notes before installing
PhysX are removed from the drivers to reduce download size. You will have to download and install after you installed the drivers.
I highly recommend you fully clean uninstall the drivers before installing these.
Quadro gpus are not supported in this driver
Hybrid laptop users can install these drivers but they cannot switch to integrated graphics.

Whats new since 182.46?
-Added a minor installer feature: Installer will exit and close if it detects you are going to install drivers meant for another OS. For example running xp installer on vista will force a close.
-Re- enabled nvmctray: should fix errors a few were having of games saying they cant find the .dll
-Removed the need to be an admin to run the installer in vista and win 7: should ensure that people who have uac off will not have probs with the installer
-Removed alot of the directx and openGL hacks and only left in ones to ensure performance.
-Adjustments to the resolutions settings to be inline with Nvidia's release of this driver
-Minor bug fix to the device ids
-Added experimental dualview settings for mobile vista users only
-Done away with the different driver files to install based on each system: now mobile and desktop users will have same files installed, also this makes the package smaller than my 182.46.

Full Changes to Drivers:
+Mobile Geforce gpu support from 6-GT200 series
+Desktop Geforce gpu support from 6-GT200 series
+Extra resolutions missing from original set
+Settings to ensure optimal performance
+Experimental dualview settings for mobile users (vista only)

-PhysX software
-Helps files
-Language files
-Nview and its associated files and reg enteries (XP only)
-NVcolor.exe (XP only)
-Nvidia tray icon (XP only)
-Unnecessary reg entries made by Nvidia
-Quadro files from installation
-Nvmctray.dll from startup and its reg enteries

*Optimised for Geforce cards only
*Different driver files for Desktop and Mobile systems
*Optimised the Nvidia driver service
*Improved responsiveness of Nvidia control panel
*English language only in the Nvidia control panel

[XP 32bit]
[Vista 32bit](win 7 compatible)
[Vista 64bit](win 7 compatible)


  1. hi..could re upload again..
    link is broken..

  2. Link Fixed.
    thanx for notifying~ :)

  3. hey! thanx mate!
    i see RT haven't back yet..
    i wonder what happened..