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Monday, April 6, 2009

Combat Arms Europe Online

Game Trailer:


Combat Arms is a free First-Person Shooter made by Nexon Corp. It is entirely a multiplayer game with no single-player mode (although the Korean Version has a scenario/co-op mode that might be released in the Global Version), and currently contains 5 game modes: Elimination (Team Deathmatch), One Man Army (Deathmatch), Capture The Flag, Search & Destroy, and Spy Hunt.

Players who start a game are able to choose the map as well as in-game settings, including game mode and the types of weapons allowed. The game master changes to the next player in line automatically if the original master leaves. This is possible because games are hosted on Nexon servers, not by the master player. Players can attain moderator status by paying ingame-cash for an "Elite Moderator" position, which allows them to kick out players.

In every game mode except for One Man Army and Spy Hunt, a player joins one of two teams: Alpha or Bravo. In the Search & Destroy game mode, the Alpha team plants a bomb in one of two locations preselected by Nexon. The Bravo team, on the other hand, is to attempt to prevent the bomb from being planted, or defuse the bomb if they fail to defend their base. Each player is only granted one life per round so players sometimes play out each round without planting any bombs at all.

In Spy Hunt, players attempt to find 5 intel cases before any other player does. Every player starts out on the Mercenary team but compete to become spys. When an intel case is found and picked up, the player becomes a spy and is now on their own, and fights against other spy and the Mercenaries. If a spy is killed, all his intel cases are dropped. When one person is in possession of all 5 intel cases, that player becomes the Super spy, and the game enters sudden death mode. Every other player must try to kill the Super spy. The Super spy can win by killing all other players, or uploading the intel using a computer dropped at a certain place on maps with the Spy Hunt game mode. The Mercenaries can win by waiting for the time to expire or killing the Super spy. The Super spy is given 500 AP, a chain-gun, rocket launcher, and flamethrower.

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[Combat Arms Europe]

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