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Friday, January 29, 2010

Windows 7 Fatality GX 64-bit RELEASED!

hi guys! i am very happy to announce that Windows 7 Fatality GX 64 bit has been released for PUBLIC!!
here are some screenshots!

you may get the links here:


  1. Hey there I just want to know how would you compare this to Windows Vista Fatality in terms of performance? btw thanks for your releases I really loved the Vista Fatality 64x

  2. hi buddy,
    Xsin here...
    of course it is far more responsive than previous vista releases.
    as we all know that stock windows 7 is already faster than vista. ;)

  3. hey Xsin,
    i've installed windows 7 fatality on my pc, but i don't have the serial number for that OS, so do you have the serial key for this OS bro,


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