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Monday, March 30, 2009

April 1st (April Fool’s Day) Conficker C Virus To Explode

Virus and security researchers are scrambling to find ways of preventing the Conficker C worm from playing havoc on millions of computers on April Fool’s Day.

The Conficker Cabal has been constructed. The Cabal is a collection of anti-worm researchers that have grouped together and pooled there efforts in an attempt to thwart the virus author. Microsoft has even offered a $250,000 reward leading to the arrest of the virus author.

The Conficker C worm which has code built in to automatically be set off on April 1st has believed to have already infected between 5 million and 10 million computers world-wide. Although there hasn’t been much damage created so far, April 1st will tell the story as the worm is scheduled to take over those infected computers and launch an attack.

The infected zombie computers will attack other computers world-wide creating havoc such as deleting all the files on a persons computer, shut down websites, monitor every stroke you make on your computer by collecting private information such as passwords and bank account information. The worm could also get you to purchase fake anti virus software similar to the anti virus 2009 virus that recently spread through the country in 2008 and again this year.

It can also pop up fake desktops and fake security alerts. If your system has been infected by this object please do the following:

* Download Malwarebytes from malwarebytes.org.
* Download nod32 version 4
* If you can’t download it have a friend download a copy onto CD for you.
* Disable “System Restore”
* Reboot your system into “Safe Mode With Networking”
* Install “malwarebytes”.
* Install Nod32 Version 4
* Update the programs once installed.
* Run a complete scan and remove all nasties you find
* Reboot your system and update Nod32 Anti Virus.
* Reboot again this time select “Safe Mode”.
* Run a scan with Nod32 and malwarebytes
* The nasties should be gone now.

If your system is still acting rather funky, it is still infected. You probably didn’t catch all the re-install files the program installs. If this happens you may need to take your system into a professional and have them look at it.

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