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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Nvidia Driver for your Gaming RIG!

DOX had released his latest customized driver!

version 182.05(mobile version)
Release Highlights
-Supports all mobile cards from 6-GT100 series and quadro equivalent
-Added numerous OpenGL and DirectX performance and Image quality tweaks
-Options to install for Quality/Balance/Performance driver settings
-Added extra resolutions not found in original set
-Optimized drivers
-Integrated driver settings from 179.48 to help with "normal" functions of your laptop like sleep, power management, TV out etc (cannot guarantee it will work for all people)

Some review (testimonial):
OMG really good drivers i got 9560 with 3dmark06 and before the max i had have with the 185.2 was 8638. I'm really impressed, this is good work

thank you very much


Awesome driver!!

-181.20 (Dox): 5623
-181.22 (Dox): 5617
-185.50 (Dox): 5623
-182.05 (Dox): 5705

Thank you Dox, I'll miss you sad.gif

Dox i have to say that i'm really impressed. Your 182.05 seems to be the first release which beats 179.28, awesome.

9600M GT 625/1550/900

Original 182.05 : 6330
179.28 : 6480
Dox 182.05 : 6542.

What a prince, seems like you gave us your best shot before leaving !!!!! Thanx casanova wink.gif

windows XP:

Windows Vista:

Windows Vista 64bit:

Nb:Nvidia PhysX is not included in his release.

i had tested this driver and found an increase on my fps!
this is a great driver to install!
note: this driver only for notebooks with Nvidia card!

1 comment:

  1. good....i have tried it and it really IS better then the original..i m comparing to the 186.03 ori